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Suggested Roll Up Door Sizes For Roll Up Doors, Commercial Doors, Roll Up Shed Doors, Roll UP Barn Doors and Counter Doors

Suggested Door Size

W X H 7'-0" 8'-0" 9'-0" 10'-0" 11'-0" 12'-0" 13'-0" 14'-0" 15'-0" 16'-0" 17'-0" 18'-0"
up to 7'-0" MODEL 650 MODEL 1000 MODEL 2000 MODEL 2500
7'-1" to 8'-0"
8'-1" to 9'-0"
9'-1" to 10'-0"
10'-1" to 11'-0"  MODEL 1000
11'-1" to 12'-0"
12'-1" to 13'-0" MODEL 2500
13'-1" to 14'-0"
14'-1" to 15'-0"
15'-1" to 16'-0"
16'-1" to 17'-0"
17'-1" to 18'-0"
18'-1" to 19'-0" MODEL 3100
19'-1" to 20'-0"

The size of the door you need depends somewhat heavily upon the manufacturer's specifications, as well as the situation you are working with.

If you are adding a door, then you need to figure out what size your rough opening is. If you are replacing a door, then measuring the door frame itself is the best way to determine what size you need.

There are a few common sizes for heights and widths of doors. These sizes have been in use for decades now.
The most common door heights are
7' 0" and 8' 0".
The most common door widths run along 2" increments.
The most popluar of these are 3'0" to 10'0".
It is not unheard of to have doors ranging
from 3' wide up to 20' wide.
If the opening is any wider than that you
will probably see double doors of some sort commercial door.

Our companie that can make custome sized doors to fit odd-sized openings. This is not generally the most cost-effective option, though there are cases where it is the only option. If this is the route you wish to, or must take, then be sure to allow time for the door to be made - in some cases this can mean 4 weeks or more.


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