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Roll Up Doors Direct is the leading manufacturer of steel sheet doors and rolling steel doors for a variety of applications. Our sheet door line includes our Third Generation roll-up doors for the self-storage market, as well as a complete suite of windload and non-windload doors for commercial usage. The Roll Up Doors Direct Rolling Steel Division delivers medium duty, full service doors for more rigid industrial environments. Our doors are made of the highest quality and durability, while consistently offering low maintenance and ease of installation. More Commercial Sheet Doors Steel curtain roll-up doors, offering durability, low maintenance and unequalled value. More Rolling Steel Doors Commercial and industrial doors and shutters for a variety of applications.

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Roll up door models
 The Buy Doors Direct Model 650 Mini Storage Door is designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation, ease of maintenance in mind. Standard features such as ratchet tensioner, enclosed barrel housing a dead axle assembly, and a factory installed stainless steel latch eliminate the need for upgrades and additional charges.

  The Model 1000 door is Buy Doors Direct's newest offering for ease of installation. The Pre-Assembled Industrial Door (PAID) offers a push-up operation that comes with brackets and tensioner pre-assembled. The reduced drive chain hoist operation is delivered with brackets, tension, gears and chain drive pre-assembled.

1000 Insulated
 The Model 2000 Standard Commercial Sheet Door offers special features for commercial installations. Model 2000 has the deepest guide engagement in the industry and universal fastening guides. With the Model 2000's durability and low maintenance, this door is sure to have an unequaled quality and value.

2000 Insuated
 Model 2500 is part of the Janus line of Heavy Duty Commercial Sheet Doors. It offers universal fastening guides and 12 gauge, 4 in. deep guides for larger door size openings. The greater curtain engagement feature is key for wider openings and makes Model 2500 an excellent selection.

2500 insulated
Roll Up Door 3000
 The Roll Up Door Model 3000 is a non-certified wind lock door for larger, more demanding door applications. As a strong and durable alternative to other door types, this rolling sheet door offers many features at a great value. Engineered with performance and ease of maintenance in mind, the Model 3000 is one of the best values on the market.
3000 insulated

Wind load Rated- Roll up
 Buy Doors Direct has achieved wind load certification with the Series 750 Roll-Up Door. The Series 750 Door was designed to meet stringent wind load requirements for mini warehouse applications while still providing the best door operation in the industry. The new innovative door design has minimized the locking and reinforcement needed to strengthen the door to pass rigorous wind load testing.


 Model 3100 is our certified wind load rated rolling sheet door that meets specified wind loads required by even the most stringent building codes. Laboratory testing proves how durable and strong this door really is. The quick installation and smooth operation, particularly compared to other doors, further demonstrates how user friendly this door is.

3100 insulated


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