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RATCHET TENSIONING DEVICE The Janus ratchet tensioning device supplied as standard equipment on our door offers a simpler method of tensioning while more accurately fine tuning all the springs on the door at the same time. There is no extra hardware required. Eight different positions on the tension wheel allow one to perfectly balance the door every time. There are no pins required to hold the tension on the spring. You simply just click it.

RADIAL BALL BEARINGS Janus supplies radial ball bearings at no additional cost. Our permanently lubricated bearings require no maintenance and are guaranteed to last the entire life span of the door.

DOOR SPRINGS During production, each spring is coated with a generous amount of grease that penetrates the pores of the spring with additives, displacing moisture and preventing the formation of rust and corrosion. In addition, this process relieves the friction created between spring coils thereby providing smoother door operation. Finally, the spring and axle assembly is enclosed in a tube to protect them from the elements encountered throughout the life of the door.

DEAD AXLE & TORQUE TUBE ASSEMBLY This design, noted for its durability and smoother operation with commercial applications, has now been incorporated into the Janus self storage door. The tube housing protects the springs and strengthens the axle. Eliminating axle push and shift that can occur with a live axle, the dead axle design allows for a straighter travel path of the door curtain in the guides. The biggest feature of this design is that it affords the fine tuning of any spring adjustment to equally affect all springs on the door at the same time.

OPTIONAL PACKAGE PROTECTION & SHIPPING Doors stacked on top of each other in transit are going to shift, unless they can be packaged in a way to minimize the sliding that occurs during that time. Janus has found the way. As an option, we can suspend each door individually in crates. Whether they travel down the block or across the country, compaction damages, door abrasion and chatter marks are virtually eliminated. The 24 gauge corrugated door curtain is manufactured from full hard galvanized grade 80 steel and coated with Super Durable polyester paint that is backed by a 40 year film integrity and a 25 year no-fade limited paint warranty. Independently tested, the Model 850 meets the requirements of the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division for the high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) of the Florida building Code. Design wind load is rated +46 PSF and -54 PSF. Available in opening sizes up to 8’8” x 10’0” and in white only. Three year warranty on workmanship and material. Three manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States and a team of experienced door experts are available to assist you with any of your door needs. superior product + recognized value

BARREL totally encloses the drums, springs and axle. Barrel type construction reduces door sag, eliminates drum dents and improves operation due to an even support of the curtain for the entire width. Roll formed clear acrylic coated galvanized steel BOTTOM BAR reinforced with a 2” x 1-1/2” 11 gauge full width galvanized angle that extends fully into the guides. The PVC bulb astragal provides positive contact with floor. Lift handle(s) installed on exterior side of bottom bar and a non-rotting pull rope is attached to the inside angle. Stop clips are attached to each end of bottom bar angle’s horizontal leg. Yellow zinc coated steel or optional stainless steel cover, slide and four attach-ment bolts are factory installed. The slide exhibits magnetic properties that can be used to activate a guide mounted security sensor.

LATCH accepts all industry padlocks, including 7/16” diameter shanks. Provision for cylinder lock included.

RATCHET SPRING TENSIONER ASSEMBLY is factory installed on the end of the door axle and allows precise fine tuning of the initial spring tension. Increments of 1/8 turn are possible. Tensioner adjusts both springs equally at the same time from only one end of the door. Galvanized, guide mounted HEAD STOPS are simple to install and prevents curtain over travel when raising door. Installed through guide after curtain is lowered, they provide definite contact with the bottom bar angle.

BRACKETS are designed to attach to the guides, reducing installation time.

DRUMS are fitted with a grease filled, shielded radial ball bearing to contribute to a smoother operation and reduce wear and friction. Oil-tempered helical torsion springs are factory lubricated to minimize friction and corrosion while increasing the spring cycle life. Spring wire confirms to ASTM A 229. Galvanized and pre-painted with long lasting Super Durable polyester paint

CORRUGATED CURTAIN is roll formed from ASTM A 653 grade 80 full hard steel. This premium steel yields greater door strength and minimized curtain damage. Full height felt tape on back of curtain prevents nesting and reduces paint rubbing. 20 colors are standard with others available on special order. 850m i n i

MAGNETIC ZINC COATED STEEL OR OPTIONAL STAINLESS STEEL LATCH Our patented mini latch features a cover plate made from a heavy gauge yellow zinc coated steel or optional stainless steel. In addition, the latch cover protects the slide from tampering by completely covering the slide, with the exception of a tab used to operate the latch. To further secure the door, the latch’s two inch throw, with its magnetic properties, can be incorporated with the new guide-mounted security devices. This versatile design affords you the ability to utilize padlocks, cylinder locks or both. guide details superior product + recognized value

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