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Roll Up Door Applications


Roll Up Door Applications For:


When you are considering the possibility of developing a facility for self-storage, you will find that there are quite a few decisions that you will need to make. That's where we come in, we are here to help. Consider our Roll Up Doors Direct Model 650. You will be able to fit up to 10' x10' opening with no problems. We pride ourselves in quality materials so that you can focus on running your self-storage facility easier. If you are looking to create a set of RV/commercial/large boat units, then please consider our 2500 rollup door.


When you decide to replace doors on a building that already exists, or are considering doors for a new building, be sure to buy doors that are properly wind rated. Certain manufacturers will offer a lighter weight model which is better suited for interior use only. Roll Up Doors Direct Model 3652 and 3100 are perfect for outdoor use in most of the United States and Canada. They are also available in a version that allows for use in areas where you want to use building codes. Our model 3000 is for Dade County impact and wind codes. Feel free to contact Roll Up Doors Direct or a deal near you for more information.
No Easier Way to Go
When you purchase Roll Up Doors Direct spring coating, you are giving yourself the gift of rust prevention and the need for spring lubrication. You'll no longer have to worry about "spring breakage" when you purchase spring coating. Each and every spring on a Roll Up Doors Direct door is furnished with a ratcheting system that is easy to fine tune as the door ages.


When you are looking for a sensible choice for your loading dock or other commercial applications, look no further than Roll Up Doors Direct. If you are looking for extra durability for your project, please take a look at Roll Up Doors Direct model 2500.
When you are looking for something that is easy to install by your own maintenance staff, roll up doors are the way to go. Unlike the obstructive sectional doors, you will find that roll up doors coil directly over the opening.


When looking for doors for your sea containers or portable storage, you will want to take a close look at our model 650. This model is popular for its easy installation, range of size, low overhead requirements; not to mention that it is a convenient and long lasting way to make sure you have access to your stored goods.


When you need a door for your backyard shed, you’ll find that you have a quick and easy afternoon project that nearly any homeowner can do with a little help from a friend. Our Roll Up Doors Direct Model 650 is the perfect choice for any shed that has an opening up to 10' x 10'.
When you see the coiling design of our roll up doors, you will see that it enables you to have room for any overhead storage that you may need. The coated springs and prefinished steel construction helps to ensure that you have a door with a long life and low maintenance.


When fitting doors for a farm, roll up doors are the way to go. Sliding and swing doors can be troublesome, so why not eliminate them and use a low maintenance steel coiling door?
If you are looking for a door for an opening of up to 10' wide, our Roll Up Doors Direct model 650 is the one for the job. If you need a little more durability for the project, a 200 door makes an excellent choice. If you have a larger door of up to 16' x 18' you’ll want to take a look at our 2500 door.


Any project you have in mind; we can make it work. Roll Up Doors Direct 650 door comes in sizes that start at a mere 2' 10" tall, and is available in 1" increments. If you're looking for something for a counter use, think about an optional interior latch, it just might work for you.



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