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Easy-To-Install Roll Up Door

Roll Up Doors, Commercial Door, Rolling Steel, Overhead And Garage Doors.

Roll Up Doors Direct Offers Easy-To-Install and Maintain Roll Up Doors/Self-Storage Doors



Roll Up Doors Direct provides its customers with an array of self-storage roll-up doors to choose from. Why do we prefer to offer the roll up door compared to other types?

Roll Up Doors: What Are They and What Are The Mechanics That Go Into Them


These are a rolling steel curtain affixed to a barrel, which curl around it when raised up. These doors are typically found in a wider size than the swing doors.


You can use both roll up doors and swing doors in a home, warehouse, shed, barn, workshop, we tend to err on the side of caution and go with the roll up doors. The reason is that the roll up doors is ideal for units with a 5’0” or wider width. In fact, users are more partial to the larger size doors, as it makes getting into and out of the unit easier.


There are several important parts that come with the third-generation roll up doors; parts that make it easy for you to install and easy to maintain.


·       Axle


o   This is a rod that goes through the barrel and into the bracket. Today’s doors are created with either a dead axle design or a live axle design. With a dead axle design, the axle stays static. With a live axle design, the axle will rotate when the door is moving up or down. We offer a dead axle design, eradicating the need for pushing so that there is a straighter travel path for the door curtain in the guides. It also ensures a better support for equal concurrent spring adjustment.


·       Barrel


o   This is the round/tube part found at the top of the door, and ensures a level process for the door curtain to twist/roll up on. 



o   This device is put into the door guides and is affixed to the barrel drum axle.


·       Door Curtain


o   This is made of 26 gauge, grade 80 full-hard steel, which provides you with the best strength to lessen the chances for door damage. They can be found in more than 20 colors and galvanized metal finishes. A barrel that’s designed well can protect the axle, drums and springs because they’re completely enveloped.


·       Guides


o   These are 18-gauge steel structures that are roll formed, running the door height. It is home to the door curtain while moving, and is affixed right to the door posts.


·        Ratchet Tensioner


o   This apparatus will adjust the tension on the spring. If you’ve got a two-spring door, the tensioner will adjust on both springs at the same time.


·       Springs


o   Your door width will dictate if your doors will have one or two springs. All our springs come pre-lubricated (an extremely sought out feature). The grease will get into the springs’ pores, eliminating the moisture and reducing the possibility of corrosion or rust. It also helps to ease the friction that can occur between the spring coils. Thus, allowing for a smoother operation.


Door Installation


While our self-storage doors can take less than five minutes to install, it’s still a good idea to hire a professional installer to do this task for you because of the ever-changing site conditions. Since we have established a good working relationship with professional installer, we can make sure you have the high-quality installation process. You can also find installation videos and manuals at


How To Care For Your Doors


When it comes to maintenance of your self-storage doors, the springs will be the most common upkeep you’ll contend with. After all, as the springs age, they become relaxed, which means you need to periodically adjust them to ensure the doors stays in good working order.


Since our doors have the more desirable dead axle design, which helps with spring tension disbursement throughout the springs, the door will hardly need to be repaired. With applied tension being equally distributed to the springs, the lifespan of each one is maintained – and, in the end, the door as well.


Other door manufacturers suggest lubricating the springs upon installation. However, with the third-generation design we offer, the factory lubricates them for you. We know that rust can form at any time, not just at installation. With early lubrication, we reduce the possibility for corrosion, rust and spring maintenance. It’s a good idea to check the door’s tension to ensure it’s operating at its best. When checking the tension, you’ll need to bring the door up and down.


·       If you find it’s easy to close but difficult to open, you’ll need to provide more tension.

·       If it’s difficult to close but easy to open, you’ll need to eliminate some tension.


With our doors, tension adjustment is easy. You can find out more about how to do tension adjustments by checking out the document “Adjusting Tension” on our website or watch the “Door Maintenance” video for a step-by-step guide.


What Warranties Do We Offer


Roll Up Doors Direct provides a comprehensive warranty; the most you’ll find on the market. We have a free of defect and workmanship warranty that spans 12 months from the purchase date.  We use a Super Durable Polyester paint finish that’s guaranteed by a 40-year film integrity warranty along with a 25-year no fading warranty.


With these kinds of warranties, it’s of no real surprise that Roll Up Doors Direct is the winner in the best self-storage door user polls. We ensure our doors will last for many years, holding up to even the most powerful workouts.


Roll Up Doors Direct is happy you have picked us to be your door provider. We look forward to helping you.


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