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The smoothest operating corrugated door in the industry! Our Model 601 Series doors are engineered for frequent use and longevity, offering proven quality and tremendous value.

Model 601 Roll Up Door

601 Roll-Up Door
The smoothest operating corrugated door in the industry! Our Model 601 Series doors are engineered for frequent use and longevity, offering proven quality and tremendous value. Model 601 Series doors have all the impressive features of our Model 536 doors plus:


Guides manufactured from 16 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel for wood, masonry or steel mounting (optional steel mounting plates required for steel installation).

Available in 22 pre-finished polyester paint finishes (see Color Chart)

Available in sizes up to 16 (4877mm) wide and 16 (4877mm) high

Windload rating of 28 p.s.f.

Curtain manufactured from 26 gauge corrugated hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Exterior and interior polypropylene wear strips provide smooth, quiet operation and reduce friction.


Laminated foil-bubble type insulation to provide a thermal barrier.

Reduced drive chain hoist

Exterior locks

Draft stop

LGO Electric Operators

Installation Requirements
Hand Operated - Pull Rope
Up to 8'
Up to 10'
Chain Operated - Reduction Gear
Up to 8'
Up to 10'
Up to 12'
Up to 14'
Up to 16'

Medium Duty Roll-Up Door - Model 601
            List Prices
FEATURES:       COLORS:   Version 8.02
* Polypropylene wear strip on interior & exterior side of curtain * Interior color is always white.  White both sides
* Headroom requirements as low as 18" above door opening      will be furnished unless otherwise specified
* Heavy duty bottom bar with galvanized reinforcement angle   * Exterior color is a full color coat of baked
   and vinyl bulb astragal          siliconized polyester over a coat of primer
* Galvanized steel guides          on hot dipped galvanized steel  
* 80,000 cycle springs and 1 5/16" tubular axle suspended   * Colors available:  Gloss White, Satin White, 
   in steel ball bearings          Cobalt Blue, Polar Blue, Royal Blue, Duro
* Full galvanized sheet barrel, 12" diameter        Bronze, Chocolate Brown, Calypso Green, 
* Available for steel, masonry or wood jambs      Hunter Green, Marine Green, Dark Teal, Public
* Includes all hardware, slide bolt locks, and       Orange, Urgent Orange, Patriot Red, Oxford
   hot-dipped galvanized guides.        Gray, Lighthouse Red, Lightstone Tan, Natural
* 2 1/2" deep 16 gauge steel guides        Tan, Ultra Blue, Extra Green, Garnet Red, 
           Bright Yellow, and Galvalume  
MODEL 601 - Roll-Up Door for Medium Duty Operation
Boxed Ready To Ship Opening Height
Up to 8'0" 8'1" to 10'0" 10'1" to 12'0" 12'1" to 14'0" 14'1" to 16'0" 16'1" to 18'0"
Opening Width (Headroom 18") (Headroom 20") (Headroom 22") (Headroom 24") (Headroom 24") (Headroom 24")
Up to 8'0" 485 551 744 810 931 1067
8'1" to 10'0" 567 622 834 904 1031 1183
10'1" to 12'0" 650 847 918 1007 1144 1312
12'1" to 14'0" 860 935 1021 1102 1241 1424
   Note:  Prices in gray shaded area include reduced-drive chain hoist.     
Top header seal (per lineal foot of width)          $        2.00
Guide weather seal (per foot of door height)        $        3.00
Hi-Tech foil insulation (per square foot)          $        3.30
Reduced Drive or Shaft Drive (specify) chain hoist for manually operated doors (non-shaded areas)    $    103.00
   Note:  Chain hoist includes special mounting bracket and sprocket      
Electric Operator Kit (includes 72 tooth #40 door sprocket and roller chain)      $      30.00
Deduct if reduced drive chain hoist is not required for chain operated doors (shaded areas)    $   (70.56)
Steel mounting plates for steel skin buildings, manually operated (per pair)      $      19.00
Effective: 09/22/08          

Prices and/or specifications are subject to change without notice.

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