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Part 1- GENERAL 1.01 DESCRIPTION — 1.01.01 Type: Continuous sheet rolling door Model 650 as manufactured by Janus International Corporation, Temple, GA. Available in sizes up to 10’0” x 10’0”. 1.01.02. Mounting: To be interior or exterior face mounted on a prepared jamb. 1.01.03. Related Work: Preparation of opening, miscellaneous or structural steel, iron work, access panels, master keying cylinders, finish or field painting, electrical wiring, conduit, disconnecting switches are in the scope of the work of other sections or trades. 1.02 QUALITY ASSURANCE — Qualifications of Manufacturer: Products utilized in this section shall be manufactured by an organization who regularly engages in the production of similar products and has a proven history of successful manufactured products acceptable to the Architect, such as Janus International Corporation. 1.03 GUARANTEE — All doors and components specified herein shall be guaranteed to be free of workmanship and defect for a period of 3 years. Part 2- PRODUCT 2.01 CURTAIN — 2.01.01 Sheets: Continuous 20” corrugated sheets roll formed from 26 gauge ASTM A653 Grade 80 full hard steel and lock seamed together. 2.01.02 Finish: Galvanized and pre-painted with Super Durable Polyester paint guaranteed with a 40 year film integrity warranty to not crack, peel, flake, split, delaminate or blister. Additional guarantee up to 25 years against fading or changing color based on color chosen. 2.01.03 Bottom Bar: Roll formed clear acrylic coated galvanized steel reinforced with a 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 12 gauge galvanized angle that extends fully into the guides. Exterior mounted lift handle(s) and #6 Angola rope attached to interior angle. 2.02 WEATHERSTRIPPING — 2.02.01 Black PVC bulb-type astragal affixed to the bottom bar assembly provides positive contact with the floor. 2.02.02 Polyethylene wear strip furnished on both legs of each guide. 2.02.03 (Optional) Side draft stop attaching to guide with steel angle. 2.02.04 (Optional) Black flexible neoprene top draft stop with 2” lip attached to curtain. 2.02.05 (Optional) 4” Header seal attached to header jamb. 2.03 BARREL ASSEMBLY — Galvanized coil steel fabricated in a 9-1/2” diameter spiral formation to enclose spring counterbalance system and provide full span curtain weight support. Attached galvanized drums are furnished with grease-filled, shielded radial ball bearings at rotating points around the axle. 2.04 SPRING COUNTERBALANCE — Factory lubricated, oil tempered, helical torsion springs located inside the barrel and made of wire conforming to ASTM A229. Springs are attached to the steel axle tube by means of a welded spring clip. Axle tube provided is sufficient size to carry curtain load and spring torque. 2.05 SUPPORT BRACKETS — Galvanized and reinforced one-piece 12 gauge formed steel brackets are factory installed to the door assembly. 2.06 SPRING TENSIONER — Left end external mounted ratchet tensioner device allows for field adjustment of spring tension on all springs. 2.07 GUIDE ASSEMBLY — Universal mounted guides roll formed from 18 gauge galvanized steel and fitted with leg wear strips. 1-5/8” guide depth furnished for sufficient curtain engagement. Removable galvanized door stop at top of each guide. 2.08 OPERATION — 2.08.01 Hand operated with #6 Angola rope attaching to the bottom bar assembly. 2.08.02 (Optional) Internal right hand drive electric operator (furnished by vendor). 2.09 LOCKING MECHANISM — Single yellow zinc or optional stainless steel mini latch factory installed on right side of door (outside looking in) with four bolts. Slide exhibits magnetic properties that can activate guide mounted security sensors. Accepts all industry padlocks, including 7/16” diameter shanks. Provisions for cylinder lock included. 2.10 FINISH — Non-galvanized surfaces, excluding axle tube, to consist of shop coat of rust inhibitor primer. Part 3- EXECUTION 3.01 INSTALLATION— To be performed by an authorized Janus International Corporation representative or professional door installer in accordance with the Janus installation standards, instructions and recommendations.

HEAD ROOM REQUIREMENTS SIDE ROOM REQUIREMENTS Operation Back of Guide Outside of Bracket Tensioner End Outside of Bracket Drive End Each End of Axle Push Up and Electric ** 2” 3-3/16” 3-3/16” 3” Opening Height Vertical Headroom Horizontal Headroom Thru 7’4” 15-1/2” 17” Over 7’4” thru 8’8” 16” 17-1/2” Over 8’8” thru 10’0” 17” 18-1/4”

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